Industrial Customers

Taminco, Inc. – Chemical Processing Plant (CFATS Site)
St. Gabriel Louisiana

Project Components & Description:

  • Milestone Corporate Video Management Software
  • Axis Blade Video Encoders
  • Axis High Def Fixed IP Cams
  • Bosch EX cams with IP Encoders
  • Designed and Implemented a complete turnkey system replacing existing analog DVR system with Milestone IP Video Management System using Axis Encoders to encode the existing analog cameras. Installed & Configured Axis High Definition fixed IP camera and Bosch Explosion Proof Fixed Cams. All cameras were connected to the network via MMR installed fiber cabling to nearest network port.

    Nustar Energy, LP – Tank Farm and Fuel Processing (MARSEC Site)
    St. James Louisiana

  • Milestone Corporate Video Management Software
  • Axis High Def Fixed IP Cam
  • Sony PTZ IP Cams
  • Tropos Mesh Wireless Radios
  • Designed and Implemented a turnkey surveillance system using a wireless mesh network connected via 2 fiber gateways to the customer LAN. Network supports 15 Sony PTZ Cameras located around the approximately 4 square mile site that includes 3 docks on the Mississippi River where cameras are deployed.

    Chevron – Refineries, Helliport & Shorebases
    Mobile, AL
    Leeville, LA
    Venice, LA

  • Axis High Def Fixed IP Cam
  • Axis Fixed IP Cam
  • Axis PTZ IP Cam
  • Installed all cabling including fiber, cat5e and electrical, installed and configured all cameras, housings, outdoor enclosures at each site.

    SNF Flowpam – Chemical Facility
    St. Gabriel, Louisiana

  • Axis High Def Fixed IP Cam
  • Sony PTZ IP Cams
  • Tropos Mesh Wireless Radios
  • Installed and Configured a wireless mesh network, Sony PTZ cameras, Axis Fixed Hi Def cameras including all outdoor housings & enclosures.

    Dynamic Fuels – Biofuel Refinery
    St. Gabriel, Louisiana

  • Milestone Video Management Software
  • Sony PTZ IP Cams
  • Designed & Implemented a turnkey video surveillance system including Milestone Video Management Software, Sony PTZ Cameras and outdoor housings.


  • Louisiana State University
  • DOTD
  • Deptartment of Corrections
  • St. John Parish Sheriffs Office
  • University of New Orleans
  • Nicholls State University
  • Baton Rouge Community College
  • Louisiana Technical College
  • Louisiana National Guard