MMR ProCom is the MMR Division in charge of Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start-Up activities for both MMR Group construction projects and for other clients interested in World-Class seamless transition from facilities construction into stable and reliable operation. These key areas encompass those activities necessary to guarantee safe operability and reliable on-stream factor by:


Verifications, inspections, preparations and testing of systems/ components, including hydro-testing, flushing, chemical cleaning, catalyst loading, steam blowing, instrument loop-checking and punch-listing, among others


Integrated systems testing, emergency shutdown systems, hot adjustments, operational and maintenance procedures, training, LO/TO, valves and blinds isolation, leak testing, refractory and catalysts preparation and curing, inertization, among others


Support and assistance during the “oil-in” phase of the project, for best in class feed-in, on-spec product, operational stabilization and feed rate ramp-up to nominal capacity, including performance and guarantee testing

This Division offers also value-adding expertise on both ends of the customary EPC process by means of Engineering Assistance and Pre-Construction planning and coordination capabilities as early as the FEED stage; and Construction Completions work, by cost-efficiently expediting and accelerating resolution and closure of punch list items when General Contractors are approaching the end of bulk construction.